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Telegram Pro Poster - Deep automation of Telegram posts

Premium Leaks Telegram Pro Poster - Deep automation of Telegram posts 1.1

Best automation tool for telegram channels
The bot has a wide range of settings:
- Auto copying posts from donor channels
- Channel signature filter (Auto signature detection based on the donor's past posts)

- Duplicate filter (if many donors make the same post - it will filter)

- Advertising posts filter (filter by words and tags, you can add)

- Photo filter (copies everything except photos)
- Video filter (copies everything except videos)

- Album filter (copies everything except albums)

- Text filter (copies media)

- Links/hyperlinks filter (removes from text)

- Uniqueization of copied posts using ChatGPT (in any languages)

- Translation of a copied post into 8 languages (uniqueness is applied if enabled)

You can manage an unlimited number of channels and connect an unlimited number of donors to each channel as a source of information flow.

The bot uses the Telegram client and API, which means that you can copy posts even from closed channels.

There is also a block list of words that can be replenished using commands in the bot.

You can add your signature to each post.

The project is written entirely in Python.
Quick start with config.py
Management completely in Telegram.

Quick guide:
0. Set up the config.py file
1. Launch the bot
2. Add it to our channels
3. Subscribe to channels from where posts will be stolen
4. Send the bot a message from our donor
5. Set up the donor as we please
6. Enable auto posting
7. We are watching!

Personal settings can be configured for each donor and channel.


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